Yagel Therapy 2.0

Learn more about our Clinic Based Therapy

Learn more about our Clinic Based Therapy

Located at 12135 Montwood Dr. Suite 114, El Paso TX.

After years of providing award winning pediatric therapy via home health, we are proud to announce you now have the option of receiving those same award winning services from our brand new state of the art facility!

If home health isn't a viable option for your child, welcome to Yagel 2.0, our clinic based pediatric therapy specializing in occupational, speech and physical therapy. Treatment rooms are specifically tailored for optimal results in speech therapy and occupational therapy!

If your child's pediatrician or PCP has recommended occupational, speech or physical therapy, allow our friendly and professional team of therapists the opportunity to help your child live life to their full potential.

Stop by our facility and experience our Sensory Gym, Calming Room, Socialization Areas, Arcade and our individual treatment rooms.

8 treatment rooms to provide fast and friendly service.

After your child's PCP has recommended pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech therapy call us to determine if home health or clinic based therapy is best for your child.

Sensory Gym

The sensory gym at Yagel 2.0 offers a diversity of stimulants to help our young patients release all that pent up energy and allow for them to concentrate best on their therapy. This is especially helpful for patients with ADHD and Autism.

Calming Room

Our calming room on the contrary is soothing and relaxing. Special lighting, calm ocean wave SFX and aroma therapy, surrounded by soft textures to ease away stress and anxiety pre treatment, during or post therapy if necessary.

Socialization Areas

Our socialization areas have arts and crafts. Patients with Autism sometimes have a hard time socializing and these activities help ease patients into a comfortable state of mind so their therapy is that much more effective. This room encourages conversation, peer to peer interaction and even helps build self esteem.

Arcade Room

Our arcade room is where all gamers are welcome to the most fun you can have at therapy! Improve fine motor skills, improve mental problem solving and beat your high score in our game room. Yours to enjoy after every successful therapy session.